Horror portrait


It's a digital horror-style portrait from a photo. Please find some examples here

You’ll get the finished portrait as a high res file which you can print yourself if you want.

I work on a 100% prepayment basis with PayPal Invoices.

The basic options (all prices are in USD) :
1. Horror Portrait -
It's a chest-high portrait of 1 person.  
2. Couple Horror Portrait -
It's a chest-high portrait of 2 persons. 
3. Horror Portrait with Pet -
It's a chest-high portrait of 1 person &1 pet

4. Pet Horror Portrait - $200

It's a chest-high portrait of 1 pet.  

Each of the options also including a simple background and minimal decor. The standard size is 40×50cm (16×20″). Although we can discuss this. 
If you need more people/details/pets, the price rises and is negotiated individually.

The process:

1) First of all you have to read all the conditions carefully after that, please fill out this form 

2) I'll contact you back within 24 hours to inform the possible date for reserving a spot and clarify the details, if necessary.
3) Also I'll send you the invoice by e-mail you left in the form. The spots are reserved only after you pay the invoice.
4) When the time comes to work on your Horror Portrait, and the line art is ready, I'll show you this.
5) After I finish the work I'll email you the final result as a high res file.
Next spot for reserving (approximate date) since not available 

The final date you will see in your invoice. This date is when I'll start working on your Horror Portrait and it usually takes me 2-6 days to finish the work.

What photos do I need for work?

I need 3-4 сlose-up clear photos of the person looking in front or ¾ view without any distortion. The face should be fully and clearly visible. Also, I need 1-2 half/full-body photos, just to understand the physique of the person I need to draw. Please note, you have to provide photos of the person with the facial expression you want to see in Horror Portrait. For example, if you don't want to smile in a portrait, send photos with no smile. If you want to get any specific emotion in the portrait, please attach photos showing exactly that emotion. 

As for pets, 2-3 сlose-up clear photos and 2-3 full body photos will work for me.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me