Horror portrait


It's a digital horror-style portrait from a photo. Please find some examples here

You’ll get the finished portrait as a high res file which you can print yourself if you want. The file you’ll get is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. 
I work on a 100% prepayment basis (PayPal Invoice).

The basic options (all prices are in USD) :
1. Horror Portrait - $66,6
It's a chest-high portrait of 1 person.  
2. Couple Horror Portrait - $130
It's a chest-high portrait of 2 persons. 
3. Horror Portrait with Pet - $99,9 
It's a chest-high portrait of 1 person &1 pet

Each of the options also including a simple background and minimal decor. The standard size is 40×50cm (16×20″). Although we can discuss this. 
If you need more people/details/pets, the price rises and is negotiated individually.

The process:

1) You have to choose the option of Horror Portrait and DM me on Instagram. 
2) I'll reserve a spot for you in my work schedule.
3) I'll contact you one week or so before the designated date and ask you to email me a few clear photos and make a 100% prepayment on the invoice that I'll send you.
4) We will discuss what kind of creature/character you want me to make you or/and the person I need to draw.
5) I'll show you line art through DMs.
6) I'll email you the high res file.
It usually takes me 2-6 days to make the work.
PS Please contact me to reserve a spot for you only if you'll be exactly ready to pay and won’t cancel your commission at the last moment.

What photos do I need for work?

I need 4-5 сlose-up clear photos of the person looking in front or ¾ view. 
The face should be clearly visible so that I can study the facial features.
Also, it would great if you sent me some half body photos, just to understand your physique or/and physique of the person I need to draw.
When you send your photos to my email, please don't forget to indicate your Instagram.